Finalist 7

Finalist 7

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    • Posted by Nzaco
    • Over 6 years ago
    I have to agree with previous comments and cannot understand why this design is doing well in the voting, not what i will be voting for.
    • Posted by Kaltroshe
    • Over 6 years ago
    Nice one:)
    • Posted by Neijjjj
    • Over 6 years ago
    Hope you lose cause the other ones are better than yours:(
    • Posted by nermineq
    • Over 6 years ago
    loseeer design stop voting for yourself LOL
    • Posted by amanda s
    • Over 6 years ago
    Great image represents Fespa very well. Let the trash talkers talk the power of the anonymous internet allows idiots to say anything without reprisal. Hope you win and shut them up!
    • Posted by lamesa
    • Over 6 years ago
    excellent representation of Fespa Fabic 2013. Let the people who dislike your design whine about it. This design clearly represents the intended point behind the contest.
    • Posted by ddox
    • Over 6 years ago
    Have to admit you're doing exceptionally well in this competition. The attendendees will have their own thoughts. Though Self and down votings are not of any means, right? Quality will fload on top no matter what. So let's keep our fingaz crossed! Peace out!
    • Posted by jason 1
    • Over 6 years ago
    I find it fun how derogatory comments are posted on the image in first place when that persons image or friends image isn't winning. This image is great just like a lot of other images are great, but you can't make everyone happy. So to people like JDMOFO it shows your complete lack of understanding. The world doesn't revolve around you or your friends image. This image was chosen for a reason and if it is winning so be it. Truly sad that just because your artwork or your friends artwork isn't in first, because you think it should you would talk bad about others artwork. Truly pathetic! This image is awesome and i hope it wins.
    • Posted by jdmofo
    • Over 6 years ago
    Got to agree that there is something not right about this one being so far ahead. It's not terrible per se, but most of the others are better. It looks pretty thrown together and when printed on a tee the central graphic will be half way down the torso which will look odd.

    Guess the designer has a lot of friends (or email accounts).
    • Posted by omega
    • Over 6 years ago
    Great design haters hate and obviously have no clue as to what art is or what this competition is about.
    • Posted by st peter
    • Over 6 years ago
    Awesome design!!
    • Posted by venture
    • Over 6 years ago
    Do not you have something better to do than voting yourself? Honestly you expect us to believe that this uninspired design has good comments?
    • Posted by homefries
    • Over 6 years ago
    the design rocks Francseszka must not be very knowledgeable on art as they lack the taste of better judgment as per their comment. Hope you win!
    • Posted by Francseszka
    • Over 6 years ago
    Poor design.
    The composition disintegrates.
    • Posted by marine1
    • Over 6 years ago
    • Posted by icerocket
    • Over 6 years ago
    • Posted by Deadkrowarmy
    • Over 6 years ago
    would make for a bad ass allover print shirt.
    • Posted by thinkincapp
    • Over 6 years ago
    i like this one more than all of the others.
    • Posted by Shoeprinsus
    • Over 6 years ago
    very visually appealing!
    • Posted by shartman
    • Over 6 years ago
    Very different and original!
    • Posted by CWunderlich
    • Over 6 years ago
    Very well done!
    • Posted by aussietee
    • Over 6 years ago
    • Posted by fabricboy
    • Over 6 years ago
    interesting take on the design brief and research on fespa

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